The New Standard in
AI-Enabled Drug Design

Combining best-in-class technologies with intuitive infrastructure to enable seamless integration into existing workflows

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Fit-for-Purpose Featurization

Whether 2D or 3D, strings or graphs, small molecules or proteins, our custom featurization technologies ensure we maximize learning from every available data point


Low Data Property Prediction

Leverage advances in few-shot learning to learn accurate predictive models for project-specific design criteria, even if assays are low throughput or too expensive to run at scale


Large-Scale Virtual Screening

Identify potent hits early in your discovery program by using best-in-class predictive models to query billions of commercially-available compounds for relevant design criteria


Synthetically-Accessible Molecular Design

Rapidly interrogate novel chemical space with proprietary generative methods that guarantee synthetically-accessible molecules of high medicinal chemistry quality


Multiparameter Optimization

Solve critical bottlenecks in lead optimization using active learning and iterative optimization strategies to rapidly improve potency, selectivity, safety, and ADME criteria


Seamless Integration
& Collaboration

Combine intuitive interfaces, APIs, and no-code machine learning workflows to facilitate collaboration and integration into R&D organizations of all sizes

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