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Deploying the industry’s leading machine learning infrastructure, virtually and seamlessly, into R&D organizations of all sizes

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Charles River

Unleashing Computational Creativity in Chemistry

R&D teams across the world are
partnering with Valence to overcome critical bottlenecks in hit discovery, hit expansion, and lead optimization


Unify proprietary generative methods with expert intuition to design potent hits in novel chemical space


Rapidly improve selectivity against key off-targets, including IP constraints derived from patent literature


Optimize for critical ADME properties using novel deep learning technologies for scaffold-constrained multiparameter optimization


Ensure de novo ligands are of high medicinal chemistry quality and readily synthesizable by keeping chemistry at the heart of every design

Proudly Partnering With:

Academic Innovators

We proudly support dozens of academic scientists, helping our partners translate novel biology into optimized chemistry

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We partner with innovative biotechnology companies to help accelerate their path into the clinic

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Pharmaceutical Leaders

We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to solve challenges in de novo design and multiparameter optimization

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Ensuring that every drug discovery scientist has access to the latest advances in AI-enabled drug design

Through a strategic partnership with Charles River, a leading provider of preclinical contract research services, we offer every Charles River client the option to become AI-enabled with Valence. Together, we come one step closer to our mission of empowering the world’s drug discovery scientists with the latest advances in AI-enabled drug design

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