Dec 11

Adaptive Deep Kernel Learning

P. Tossou, B. Dura, M. Marchand, F. Laviolette, A. Lacoste

Deep kernel learning provides an elegant and principled framework for combining the structural properties of deep learning algorithms with the flexibility of kernel methods.

By means of a deep neural network, we learn a parametrized kernel operator that can be combined with a differentiable kernel algorithm during inference. While previous work within this framework has focused on learning a single kernel for large datasets, we learn a kernel family for a variety of few-shot regression tasks. Compared to single deep kernel learning, our algorithm enables identification of the appropriate kernel for each task during inference.

As such, it is well adapted for complex task distributions in a few-shot learning setting, which we demonstrate by comparing against existing state-of-the-art algorithms using real world, few-shot regression tasks related to the field of drug discovery

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P. Tossou, B. Dura, M. Marchand, F. Laviolette, A. Lacoste

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